In the world, there are eight species of sea turtles, which five spawn in our shores.  The beaches of Azuero, are among the few in the world where you can see in the rainy season thousands of turtles coming to lay their eggs on the sand. 

According to experts, turtles seek this area the Azuero Peninsula, because the continental shelf is shorter and near shore waters are deeper, plus own darkness of these places that facilitates nesting.

We offer programs where participants can support communities in conservation activities of these species, such as patrolling beaches, beach cleaning, counting turtle eggs and hatching, among other activities related protection projects. 



During the whale migration season, from June to November, we will have the chance to see stunning and magical whales. Only if we´re lucky!  This program will make trips along the coast of Santa Catalina and around the Coiba National Park in search of humpback whales and many other species that can be seen with their calves in these waters.

This tour has been supported by the MAR VIVA Foundation, which seeks to highlight these activities in our country, that aims to train and promote whale responsibly through sustainable tourism in the area.



In this circuit will know the art for handicrafts of significant value in the Azuero region comprising the cultural and folkloric heritage of Panama.  Enriching the visiting expert craftsmen who make beautiful pieces such as Panamanian peasant sandals called cutarras, made entirely by hand.  We also know the technique to produce different types of drums, which are part of the musical wealth of the region. Artisans will delight us with the most beautiful works in the art of sewing Pollera recognized as national typical dress, textile jewel expensive and specialized techniques have passed from generation to generation.

 Completing this circuit will participate in an unforgettable experience to learn by making dirty and clean masks, an interesting piece used in folk dances from different regions of Panama Diablicos.

The tour through the streets of Parita, one of the oldest in the Azuero region Hispanic indigenous peoples, take us to colonial times full of ethnic customs and riches that very jealously guard their inhabitants. Their homes and historic bullring preserve the colonial style of the people of Azuero.