Enjoy Coiba´s Great Nature

$90.00 $75.00 / day

Location: Coiba National Park, Veraguas

Departure:  8 am

Length: 5 hours



Description: We will have the opportunity to experience one of the most
exciting adventures ever, knowing the abundant biodiversity of the largest
Pacific Central American Island, Coiba archipelago, declared World Patrimony
in 2005. It exhibits a unique landscape of warm beaches, but doubtlessly its
major resource is its marine abundance. Activities in this paradise will be
varied, a display of nature awaiting to be discovered, loved, and respected.
We will be able to do some nice snorkeling observe diversity under it clear
waters, do some hiking on it treks by the tropical forest, lay back on it
white sands islands y enjoy beautifull beaches. Moreover, off course get
delight with delicious seafood and fresh fish!


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